cloud-nine-main-areaOur Cat Taxi will collect your cat, and you if you wish to ride along, and be ready to check-in when we start work for the day.

We can also return them at the end of our shift and you leave your keys with us we will  have your cat ready to greet you on your return home.

Regular Exercise in the cat gym for those guests that require it.

T.V. room for those who like to sit and curl up in front of the telly.

Kitten Rooms for our littlest friends.

Catering for special needs  e.g. disabled cats

Basic Grooming

Day Care for those who are moving house, renovating or simply looking to add some variety to their cat’s life.

Available for purchase: Revolution®, Litter (various brands), Furminators, Scratching posts (made to order, ready-made and second hand too!)

Long Term Boarding

Cloud Nine Cat Resort also offers long term boarding upon consultation. In the case of long term boarding we will provide discounts on the standard daily rate.